Board of Trustees

Mike Ash – President 

Dana Clark – President Elect

Matt Hufnagel – Treasurer

Mandy Bashore – Secretary

“I am a part of OCP because it stands for everything that I hold dear – community, artistry, creativity, and celebrating each person’s unique talents.  I am passionate about being a part of an organization that seeks to expand it’s community, celebrate the arts and do it all with excellence.  OCP is a wonderful family and I feel so blessed to be a part of it!”

Dr. Doug Strong – Past President


Quentin Brainerd 

Eric Davis

Jerry Frezon

“I have been with the Owosso Community Players since 1994—acting, directing, sitting on a myriad of committees, serving on the Board of Trustees, and as the current box office manager. I continue to invest my time and energies with OCP because I believe that both the city of Owosso and Shiawassee county are much the better for having this group as one of their two resident Arts organizations. Civic pride and quality of life —concepts hard to define but easy to recognize!—are just two of many reasons why this organization deserves to be supported and encouraged to grow.”

Josh Holliday

“I serve as a member of the Board of Directors because I believe in the transformative power the arts have on creating a stronger, more prosperous community!”

Tom Kurtz

“Theatre is vitally important in a community to promote and foster creativity, culture, expression and art.  Especially in a small community, theatre may be one of the few opportunities to perform, share and grow in the arts. I am involved in the Owosso Community Players for the quality, culture, and experience that is second to none in community theater.”

Sue Ludington

Paul Peters

“Theater is a passion in my family.  We love the immersive experience when seeing a show.  And my family enjoys helping others experience being immersed in the play/story, that is why we volunteer.”

Cheryl Peterson

“Supporting and volunteering with the Lebowsky Theater is a privilege because the theater is a tremendous community asset and adds to the vibrancy of our downtown.”

Chuck Quick

Guy Salander

” I joined the OCP board because it’s a staple in our community and truly demonstrates the talent and commitment in our community.  I wanted to be involved in an organization that make a difference every day.”

Dr. Dan Williams